• present08/2020

    Professor of Interaction Design and User Experience

    University of Lübeck

  • 07/202001/2019

    Head of Research Group HIVE ('Human Interfaces & Virtual Environments')

    University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg

  • 07/202001/2015

    Professor of User Experience and Interaction Design

    University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg

  • 12/201404/2013

    Research Associate & Postdoc

    Intel ICRI Cities, Professor Yvonne Rogers, University College London

  • 02/201301/2007

    Research Assistant

    Human-Computer Interaction Group, Professor Harald Reiterer, University of Konstanz

  • 07/201104/2011

    Research Intern

    Microsoft Research Cambridge

  • 04/201010/2009

    Research Visitor

    Microsoft Research Cambridge & University of Cambridge

  • 12/200612/2005

    IT Officer (DV Angestellter)

    Human-Computer Interaction Group, University of Konstanz

  • 12/200509/2003

    Student Research and Teaching Assistant

    Human-Computer Interaction Group, University of Konstanz

  • 09/200608/2001

    Freelancer (Interaction Design & UI Development)

    Hans-Christian Jetter IT-Services


  • present08/2020

    Universitäts-Professor (Univ.-Prof.)

    University of Lübeck

  • 07/202001/2015

    Fachhochschul-Professor (FH-Prof.)

    University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

  • 03/201301/2007

    Doctoral degree Dr. rer. nat. (grade: summa cum laude)

    University of Konstanz

  • 03/201301/2008

    Associated Member of DFG Research Training Group GRK 1042 'Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces'

    University of Konstanz

  • 04/201010/2009

    Visiting Student

    NanoPhotonics Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

  • 01/200702/2004

    Master of Science Information Engineering (M.Sc.)
    grade: with distinction

    University of Konstanz

  • 02/200410/1999

    Bachelor of Science Information Engineering (B.Sc.)

    University of Konstanz

Awards & Grants

  • GrantsAwards

    Total grants: 4.8 Mio Euro or US$ 5.3 Mio

    2 Best Paper Awards (CSCW, TEI), 2 Honorable Mention Awards (CHI), 1 Best Poster Award (INTERACT). 1 Best Demo Award (ITS). Google h-Index: 25.

  • 01/2020

    FTI Project ``User-Centered Methods for Cross-Virtuality Analytics of Production Data (X-PRO)``

    Funded as FTI Strukturprogramm for 5 years by the State of Upper Austria: 2.7 Mio Euro.

  • 10/2018FFG

    Industry project with Tributech GmbH

    Funded as Basisprogramm by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG): 25,000 Euro.

  • 10/2018CSCW

    Best Paper Award at CSCW 2018

    Domino: A Descriptive Framework for Hybrid Collaboration and Coupling Styles in Partially Distributed Teams.

  • 11/2018Industry

    Industry Project with WLM OG

    User-centered UI & HMI Design for visualizing and editing medical 3D scans of body parts: 22,500 Euro.

  • 11/2018Industry

    Industry Project with Tributech GmbH

    User-centered UI design and data visualization for a B2B IoT data store: 22,500 Euro.

  • 07/2018Industry

    Industry Project with MIBA Sinter GmbH

    User-centered UI & HMI design for a next generation mechanical powder press: 30,000 Euro.

  • 06/2018Industry

    Industry Project with Rosenbauer International AG

    Usability study of visualization and interaction concepts in the Rosenbauer CFT (Concept Fire Truck) using mobile eyetracking glasses: 9,000 Euro.

  • 05/2018FFG


    Acquired 3-year funding from Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for work package in COIN project DISMOSIM (“Distributed Modeling and Simulation of Cyberphysical Systems”). Total work package volume: 0.39 Mio Euro.

  • 05/2017CHI

    Honorable Mention Paper Award at CHI 2017

    Is Two Enough?! Studying Benefits, Barriers, and Biases of Multi-Tablet Use for Collaborative Visualization.

  • 03/2017TEI

    Best Paper Award at TEI 2017

    What a Life!: Building a Framework for Constructive Assemblies

  • 10/2016NEOS

    Creative Space for Linz: Concept for a public maker space & café for open innovation and digital prototyping, Co-Author: Thomas Plank

    Awarded with EUR 6,000 from the NEOS Innovation Award for Urban Development of the City of Linz.

  • 10/2016FH OÖ

    FH Upper Austria Project SCOLA

    Acquired 2-year funding for project SCOLA (“Smart Collaboration for Industrial Applications”) from FH Upper Austria. Total project volume: 0.1 Mio Euro.

  • 08/2016FFG


    Acquired 4-year funding from Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for COIN project USIVIS (“User-Centered Visualization of Big Data”). Total project volume: 0.93 Mio Euro.

  • 11/2014Airbus

    Airbus Defence and Space Research Award Claude Dornier 2014

    Award for Doctoral Dissertation “Design and Implementation of Post-WIMP Interactive Spaces with the ZOIL Paradigm”. EUR 3,000

  • 11/2014ITS

    Best Demo Award at ACM ITS 2014

    Demonstrating HuddleLamp: Spatially-Aware Mobile Displays for Ad-hoc Around-the-Table Collaboration.

  • 04/2014EPSRC

    EPSRC Vacation Bursary and UCL CS Departmental Internship Bursary

    Acquired funding for 3 research interns in HuddleLamp project. approx. EUR 12,000

  • 02/2014MSR

    Microsoft Research PhD scholarship (3 years), PIs: Nic Marquardt, Yvonne Rogers, Christian Jetter

    Acquired grant for a three year PhD Project at UCLIC from MSR Cambridge on “Ad-hoc Cross-Device Interactions” (PhD student: Frederik Brudy). approx EUR 126,000, 50% from Microsoft Research, 50% from UCL CS Impact Award

  • 10/2013VEUK

    Prize of the Alumni Organization of the University of Konstanz (VEUK)

    Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation: Design and Implementation of Post-WIMP Interactive Spaces with the ZOIL Paradigm.

  • 09/2011INTRCT

    Best Poster Award at INTERACT 2011

    NAVI – A navigational aid for visually impaired based on Microsoft Kinect.

  • 05/2011CHI

    Honorable Mention Paper Award at CHI 2011

    Materializing the Query with Facet-Streams – A Hybrid Surface for Collaborative Search on Tabletops.

  • 11/2007INFOVIS

    3rd Place in IEEE InfoVis Contest 2007

    Blockbuster – A Visual Explorer for Motion Picture Data.

  • 10/2007VEUK

    Prize of the Alumni Organization of the University of Konstanz (VEUK)

    Outstanding Master Thesis: Informationsarchitektur und Informationsvisualisierung für die Post-WIMP Ära.