In a few days, my adventures in Austria will come to an end.

The official start date of my new position as a Professor of Interaction Design and User Experience in the Institute of Multimedia and Interactive Systems at the University of Lübeck in Germany is on Aug 1st.

It has been exciting 5 years at Hagenberg with great experiences from teaching bright minds, explosive growth in research funding and team size, and many exciting cooperation projects with research and industry partners.

I am extremely grateful for the experiences I made here (including the very few negative ones) and would like to thank my team and all those in the faculty and administration at Hagenberg who supported my endeavors. I especially want to express my gratitude towards Christoph Anthes and all the members of the HIVE team. Without you, the last years would not have been possible!

After over 7 years abroad, I am thrilled to move back into my home country and to join a German university again to share the experiences and lessons learned from my years in the UK and Austria. It feels great to be back and to see that my work and sometimes unconventional career path is recognized in this way.

It will, once again, be hard work to establish a new research group, a team, a new lab, and a network of local and regional collaborators. But given my fantastic colleagues that I will work with and the beautiful town of Lübeck at the shores of the Baltic Sea, it will be worth every minute.

Thank you Austria. Hello Lübeck!

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