I am very happy that two of my recent conference publications received awards at CHI and TEI.


Our paper “Is Two Enough?! Studying Benefits, Barriers, and Biases of Multi-Tablet Use for Collaborative Visualization” for CHI 2017 has been awarded with an Honorable Mention for being among the best 5% of CHI 2017 submissions. I would like to thank my team members (Thomas Plank, Thomas Luger) and my co-authors from Aarhus University (Roman Rädle, Clemens Klokmose) and the University of Konstanz (Harald Reiterer) for making this possible. A pre-print of the paper that I will present at CHI 2017 in Denver in May is here.




Furthermore. the paper “What a Life!: Building a Framework for Constructive Assemblies” for TEI 2017 by Joanne Leong, Florian Perteneder, Michael Haller (Media Interaction Lab in Hagenberg) and me won the Best Paper Award at TEI 2017. Many thanks and congratulations to Joanne and Florian for their great reflection on how and when we build, use, and destroy tangible constructive assemblies with beautiful illustrations by Joanne. Great job!

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