A team of Bachelor students from our Communication and Knowledge Media degree program in Hagenberg has won the Usability Challenge 2017. This challenge was part of the Mensch & Computer 2017 conference in Regensburg, Germany. The Mensch & Computer conference is the largest conference on HCI-related topics in German-speaking countries and had over 700 participants again.

Every year there is also the Usability Challenge which in this year was about novel automotive designs to make car dashboards and driving safer. One of the teams submitted their project from our joint course module “Human-Machine Interaction” that I teach together with Christina Hochleitner, Thomas Neumayr, and Holger Stitz.

Friedrich Strauß hands the first prize of the Usability Challenge 2017 in the category Bachelor over to Julia Petermüller, Susanne Raml, Christina Schirz and Marlene Reithmayr received for their project “I am here for you- the Car with Hearing Assistance”

Our students Julia Petermüller, Susanne Raml, Christina Schirz, and Marlene Reithmayr submitted their project and made the 1st place in the category for Bachelor students. I really like the project which is intended to inform drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing about important events surround them, e.g., if a car from the bluelight services needs to pass in emergency. What was also really cool was the simple yet effective prototyping of visual and vibration feedback on the steering wheel using mobile phones and a tablet.

Great job by Julia, Susanne, Christina and Marlene!






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