I am very happy to announce that I will serve as an Associate Chair (AC) in the subcommittee “User Experience and Usability” for CHI 2019 in Glasgow, UK.

This is of course a great honor, especially given my long relation with the CHI conference that started back at CHI 2008 in Florence, Italy. I therefore had a brief look at my personal history with CHI and it is certainly surprising how quickly the years rushed by:

  • CHI 2019 in Glasgow will be my 11th CHI conference. Since CHI 2008 in Florence, I have been at every CHI to present results in the technical program and also in many workshops.

  • At CHI, I have published 7 full papers with 2 Honorable Mention Paper Awards, 1 note, and 17 workshop papers, workshop descriptions, posters, or extended abstracts.

  • In total, I travelled approximately 140,000 kilometers to CHI including my trips to Florence (2008), Boston (2009), Atlanta (2010), Vancouver (2011), Austin (2012), Paris (2013), Toronto (2014), Seoul (2015), San Jose (2016), Denver (2017) and Montreal (2018).

It goes without saying that the CHI community has greatly influenced my work and career. I hope that in my future role as AC I will succeed in giving something back to the CHI community to say thank you for years of inspiration and support by countless fantastic people.

And this is especially true in a time where the CHI conference is undergoing great changes, including virtual PC meetings and becoming even more internationally active and culturally diverse.

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